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Winning an industry award provides an incredible sense of achievement – whether it’s for your company or you as an individual. It’s a massive boost and can increase your standing amongst peers, customers/clients, employees and prospects.

But award entry copywriting is a skill in its own right. It requires thorough research and a carefully crafted entry that brings your story to life. You also need to know what makes a winning award entry in the eyes of the judging panel – and then bring all these elements together.

As experienced award entry writers, we understand what it takes to make it to the shortlist and ultimately win. We’ll work closely with you to make sure that we capture the details and present them in the most compelling manner to give you the best possible chance.

We have several packages available depending on what you require to provide you with just the level of support needed. As well as one off award entries, we can also work with you on a series of awards, strategically chosen help promote key areas of excellence within your organisation.

So why not let us help your organisation stands out from the award entry crowd. You can contact us here.

Have more questions? Here are our FAQs:

Is it really worth entering awards?

Award wins (and shortlistings) can hold tremendous benefits for an organisation. From profile raising and positive PR to to achieving new business and contracts there is a great deal to be gained. It can even help to attract great talent when recruiting new employees. After all, most people want to work for the best companies and those that excel. Awards provide proof of achievement and credibility, helping to increase morale and a sense of pride in the organisation.

Which sectors do you work across?

We can write award entries for most sectors with specific expertise in technology, software, finance, business, manufacturing, engineering, environment, and facilities management.

We're new to awards. Can you still help?

Yes, we can support you every step of the way. That's what we're here for. We'll spend the time to get to know your story; we're very adept at being able to draw out the information needed to craft a good award entry! Whilst we'll need access to you or your people to gather all the data, everything else we'll take care of when it comes to drafting and completing the entry submission.

Is entering awards time consuming?

The amount of time it will take will depend on the award you're entering. Of course it will take a some time in terms of being available to provide information and answer our questions, but rest assured we aim to make it as straight forward as possible. After all, anything worthwhile will take some time - but the rewards if you're shortlisted or go on to win will provide great PR for a long time to come.

Can you guarantee we'll win?

Whilst we've had a lot of past successes, it will very much depend on the strength of your story, other organisations you'll be up against and the commitment that you put into these awards. That being said even entering and being shortlisted is something to be proud of and can be used in your marketing and promotions. We'd love to promise wins - after all that's what excites and drives us the most! But it wouldn't be truthful or fair for anyone to make that promise.

Still have questions or would like to discuss entering an award? Then drop us a line and we'll work out a package that is the right fit for you.

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